Question from a 19 Kids and Counting fan on Facebook: How is Jill adjusting to married life? 

I think it’s been a very smooth transition for Jill and Derick. Jill had so much help from her siblings to make the transition, helping her pack up her stuff at our house, moving and unpacking at her new home. They have their schedule already -- they get up and off to work or Jill works on her studies. Sometimes she’ll pop by our place since it’s awfully quiet at her house. She’s so used to studying with noise. It’s really unusual for her to work in total silence.

But, yes, she’s got her house set up and she’s already had company over. It’s so sweet to see them starting their lives and their family together. We always make sure to include them in our family events in case they want to be a part of things. They’ll come over and celebrate birthdays and other events with us when they can.

It was truly the joy of her life to marry Derick and they both feel so blessed to have each other. They are just really, really happy to be married and enjoying married life.

It’s so special to watch these budding relationships blossoming. I know God’s going to use that love to help them stretch in ways that they might not otherwise try, because that’s the good thing about marriage. It really does stretch us and helps us to become the person that God would want us to be. You’re much more willing to get out of your comfort zone when it’s with somebody that you deeply love.

It’s just so sweet to watch these guys and girls that are really in love. Love is in the air and it’s good for all of us to be around that, even if the little siblings have to go, “Oh no, they’re kissing again, oh my!”