When I think of one of my greatest joys and blessings in life I know that it was the day that I married you, Jim Bob!

I am so grateful to be your wife!

You are my best friend and my greatest encourager! You help me to love Jesus more and to serve others! 

Through the good times and the hard times you are an example to me of God's kind of love!

You are a wonderful husband, a servant leader, and you demonstrate your love to me in so many ways!

 You open doors for me, you seat me first at a table, you get the umbrella for me when it's raining, you clean up throw up when our little ones are sick, you are the "lifter of heavy things" so that I don't have to, you pray with me, you take me on dates, you encourage our children to honor me as your bride and as their mother, you work hard and provide for me and the children, you plan vacations for us, you set goals for our family and help us to work toward achieving them, the list could go on & on!!

I love you more today than when we were married 32 years ago!

Happy Anniversary sweetie! I love you so much!